Heat 872
Friday, June 27, 2014 at 5:26pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Artem Plakhotnyi [286] with Denise Evans L-A
2 Max Sinitsa [320] with Melonie Krumer L-A
3 Denis Kutepov [225] with Julie Zhao L-A
4 Andrea Faraci [174] with Rebecca Kuhn L-A
5 Ben Ermis [172] with Lauren Klaus L-A
6 Serghei Pogonet [290] with Jennifer Lee L-A
SEMIFINAL Alexander Fedorov [176] with Irina Grischenko L-A
SEMIFINAL Dmitry Sviridov [339] with Kelly Long L-A
SEMIFINAL Louis Bar [123] with Brittany LaPointe L-A
SEMIFINAL Mikhail Avdeev [117] with Grace Wang L-A
SEMIFINAL Pavel Volynskiy [363] with Julie Schafer L-A
SEMIFINAL Slava Stefanov [332] with Levina Kasmara L-A

Heat 873
Friday, June 27, 2014 at 5:34pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Erminio Stefano [331] with Celia Chou L-B
2 Sergey Kiselev [217] with Lily Chang L-B
3 Rauno Ilo [202] with Lisa Berry L-B
4 Denis Kutepov [225] with Julie Zhao L-B
5 Giampiero Giannico [186] with Bo Chang L-B
6 Mikhail Avdeev [117] with Michelle Peng L-B
QUARTERFINAL Alexander Fedorov [176] with Irina Grischenko L-B
QUARTERFINAL Andrea Faraci [174] with Laura White L-B
QUARTERFINAL Ben Ermis [172] with Pamela Bolling L-B
QUARTERFINAL Dmitrii Pleshakov [288] with Tatyana Martyusheva L-B
QUARTERFINAL Egor Abashkin [100] with Eva Fong L-B
QUARTERFINAL Ivo Yanson [371] with Nika Meshanova L-B
QUARTERFINAL Louis Bar [123] with Lauren LaPointe L-B
QUARTERFINAL Mario Drobny [168] with Letizia Di Carlo L-B
QUARTERFINAL Martin Reinbold [295] with Brynda Insley L-B
QUARTERFINAL Ruslan Meshkov [251] with Aniko Toth L-B
QUARTERFINAL Russ Wilder [368] with Carrie Steinmetz L-B
QUARTERFINAL Vadim Vladykin [361] with Veronika Tsareva L-B
SEMIFINAL Alexander Voskalchuk [364] with Lynn Murrell L-B
SEMIFINAL Artem Plakhotnyi [286] with Melissa Rodriguez L-B
SEMIFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [338] with Suki Kramer L-B
SEMIFINAL Igor Litvinov [233] with Sibyl Yang L-B
SEMIFINAL Kamil Urbaniak [353] with Lengxi Gao L-B
SEMIFINAL Serghei Pogonet [290] with Carole Simmons L-B

Heat 874
Friday, June 27, 2014 at 5:50pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Artem Plakhotnyi [286] with Tammy Knight L-C
2 Linas Koreiva [222] with Hye-Kyong Park L-C
3 Kamil Urbaniak [353] with Leilani Viney L-C
4 Giampiero Giannico [186] with Beatrice Wang L-C
5 Dariusz Michalski [253] with Deborah Errico L-C
6 Vladislav Shakhov [312] with Sharon Sanchez L-C
7 Denis Kutepov [225] with Annie Chan L-C
8 Leonid Burlo [138] with Paige Riffle L-C
QUARTERFINAL Alexander Voskalchuk [364] with Tatiana Ignatieva L-C
QUARTERFINAL Dimitrijus Sazinas [305] with Sally Wiese L-C
QUARTERFINAL Douglas Bailey [552] with Irina Gorshkova G-C
QUARTERFINAL Eddie Stutts [336] with Susan Yeh L-C
QUARTERFINAL Gherman Mustuc [258] with Pauline Mak L-C
QUARTERFINAL Jim Lehrburger [586] with Alexsandra Barsukov G-C
QUARTERFINAL Lance Sexton [311] with Jackie Pantello L-C
QUARTERFINAL Nikolai Pilipenchuk [284] with Sue Gershowitz L-C
QUARTERFINAL Thomas Papkala [274] with Anna Chiu L-C
SEMIFINAL Emanuele Pappacena [275] with Elena Lee L-C
SEMIFINAL Enzo Zappia [378] with Sally He L-C
SEMIFINAL Gianni Caliandro [140] with Rhonda Fisher L-C
SEMIFINAL Samuele Pacchini [272] with Connie Edmonds L-C