Heat 653
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8:19pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group Studio
1 Eddie Rivera with Kia Malone L-B [Dance It Studio]
2 Misha Konstantinov with Tracy Hannon L-B [Ultimate Ballroom]
3 Sean Tamashiro with Heidy Kellison L-B [Dance Basic]
4 Ronald Guillen with Kristin Casella L-B [FADS-Lakewood Ranch]
5 Aleks Nashev with Amber Clouse L-B [Anashev]
6 Luis Lopez with Ana Capo L-B [AMS-Coral Cables]
7 Caleb Aleman with Shveta Singh L-B [My Dance Hub]
SEMIFINAL Dmitri Dolgopolov with Christa Mason L-B [Arlington Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Eugene Graev with Kelli Moll L-B [FADS-NY East]
SEMIFINAL Jimmy Hayes with Tiana Ramirez G-B [FADS-Sarasota]
SEMIFINAL Jonah Schneider with Lori Jones L-B [FADS-Carmel]
SEMIFINAL Louis Bar with Lauren LaPointe L-B [VZ Dance Studios]
SEMIFINAL Martin Cawston with Lisa Cassimer L-B [Delaware House-Cawston]
SEMIFINAL Mykhailo Azarov with Nicole Haufe L-B [FADS-Ft Walton]

Heat 654
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8:27pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group Studio
1 Decho Kraev with Natalie Crandall L-A [AZ Ballroom]
3 Eddie Ares with Chasity L-A [Academy Ballroom]
4 Charles Cunningham with Isabella Libertore L-A [Dynasty Dance Club]
5 Maksym Lototskyy with Gabrielle DeVita L-A [Dynasty Dance Club]
6 Jeremy Pilling with Marinda James-Heskett L-A [Palomar Ballroom]
QUARTERFINAL Dmitri Dolgopolov with Carolina Ize-Magnanelli L-A [Arlington Ballroom]
QUARTERFINAL Eugene Parkhimovich with Ann Marie Linza L-A [AMS-Lake Mary]
QUARTERFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson with Sara Sharpe L-A [Ballroom Fever]
QUARTERFINAL Hayk Balasanyan with Veronica Maoli L-A [FADS-Montville]
QUARTERFINAL Zeljko Lukic with Natasha Namen L-A [All About Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Stefan Tuomanen with Michelle Officer G-A [Manhattan BR-Officer]
SEMIFINAL Michael Neil with Lauren Watkins L-A [Michael Neil]
SEMIFINAL Primo Garcia with Jailene Espinosa L-A [Frimo Dance]
SEMIFINAL Shandor Shtefil with Natalia Sanabria L-A [Prestige Ballroom]

Heat 655
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8:35pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group Studio
1 Ilya Reyzin with Sophia D'Angelo L-C [Spotlight Dance Center]
2 Vard Margaryan with Lynn Magnesen L-C [FADS-Redondo Beach]
3 Misha Vlasov with Quin Bommelje L-C [AMS-Jacksonville]
4 Nazar Norov with Dianne Caracciolo L-C [Dancelife of SWFL-Norov]
5 Vladimir Kosarev with Janice Gonzalez L-C [FADS-Coral Gables]
6 Andre Paramonov with Esperanza Blair L-C [Paramonov]
QUARTERFINAL Daniel Blau with Brianna Attlesey G-C [Kaluby's Dance Studio]
QUARTERFINAL Julio Aguirre with Diane Quintana L-C [Dance Club International]
QUARTERFINAL Scott Magnesen with Anastasiia Kuzieva G-C [FADS-Redondo Beach]
QUARTERFINAL Stephen Smyth with Barbara Monte Carlo L-C [AMS-Winter Park]
QUARTERFINAL Steven Davis with Beth Waltz L-C [Regal Dance Clubs]
QUARTERFINAL Tim Polaschek with Sandy Spitz L-C [World Champion Prod]
QUARTERFINAL Yusimi Cruz with Radhika Unnithan L-C [Banquet & Ballroom]
QUARTERFINAL Zeljko Lukic with Marge Hutton L-C [All About Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Jonah Schneider with Vicki Barbera L-C [FADS-Carmel]
SEMIFINAL Luis Lopez with Ana Capo L-C [AMS-Coral Cables]
SEMIFINAL Plamen Danailov with Jennifer Marre L-C [Platinum Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Roman Malkhasyan with Shari Oxman L-C [FADS St. Pete-Malkhasyan]
SEMIFINAL Shandor Shtefil with Cheryl Lysik L-C [Prestige Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Tim Pennenga with Lynn Hayes L-C [FADS-Sarasota]